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20 March 2024

Umatilla County, Drivewyze & a partnership to revolutionize road safety

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In a groundbreaking move, Umatilla County has partnered with and Drivewyze to enhance road safety and efficiency across its transportation network. This partnership represents a significant leap forward in the endeavor to modernize roadway and work zone management, promising to set new benchmarks for safe and efficient transport.

“For the first time in the U.S., road crews will be able to communicate directly with truckers through our Live Link app, relaying comprehensive, timely, and vetted work zone information via Drivewyze’s Smart Roadways software. This ensures that freight operators are equipped with the most accurate information, delivered when and how they need it most.”

Simon Topp, Chief Commercial Officer

Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Real-Time Incident Notifications: Umatilla County can now provide instant alerts for various incidents, including accidents, road closures, and other disruptions. This feature is crucial for timely communication to both authorities and the public.
    Work Zone Safety Enhancement: The partnership emphasizes work zone safety and enables automated notifications about ongoing construction activities and lane closures. This effort is geared toward minimizing inconvenience for commuters and enhancing safety for workers.
  • Weather-Related Closures Alerts: Integration with meteorological data sources allows the system to issue alerts for adverse weather conditions, leading to more effective management of road safety during challenging weather scenarios.
    Emergency Notifications Capabilities: The platform facilitates swift communication during emergencies and natural disasters, ensuring that relevant stakeholders are informed promptly.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration: The partnership leverages Geographic Information System (GIS) integration to visualize incidents and closures on maps, offering a clear overview for better decision-making.

Pilot Program Scope and Deliverables:

This six-month pilot program is centered on showcasing the effectiveness and benefits of both and DriveWyze’s industry-leading technology. This pilot program is designed to comprehensively implement’s Traffic Management planning and communication tool across Umatilla County. This strategic implementation is aimed at optimizing traffic management and enhancing communication capabilities for road events. Additionally, the deployment of’s Live Link application is a pivotal aspect of this program, offering real-time updates on road closures, thereby significantly improving responsiveness and situational awareness. Furthermore, the program incorporates Drivewyze’s dynamic alert system, which is instrumental in providing timely and accurate notifications for active work zones and closures. This multifaceted approach in the pilot program is set to transform the management and safety of Umatilla County’s transportation network.

Anticipated Outcomes for Umatilla County:

  • Enhanced Road Safety: The initiative significantly reduces accidents and fatalities by proactively identifying and mitigating potential safety hazards.
  • Operational Efficiency: Improved traffic flow and optimized routes lead to reduced operational costs and increased efficiency for transportation stakeholders.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Access to comprehensive data analytics empowers decision-makers with valuable insights, facilitating strategic planning and policy formulation.

A Vision for the Future:

“Rural road safety begins with robust, actionable data. There was no pre-existing model for us to emulate that could meet our unique needs for both safety and transportation efficiency. Thanks to this partnership, we’re now turning our vision of digitizing rural roads for the 21st century into reality, setting a precedent for rural communities nationwide.”

Dan Dorran, Umatilla County Commissioner

This partnership is more than just an advancement in technology; it is a commitment to the safety and efficiency of transportation in Umatilla County and a beacon for similar rural communities across the nation. With this initiative, Umatilla County is not only enhancing the safety and efficiency of its own roads but is also laying down a blueprint for the future of rural road management.

For more information on this pioneering initiative, please visit or contact Kieran Holloway.