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Empowering road agencies to transform operations and improve outcomes

Reimagine what is possible with a centralized solution for right of way management that connects teams across your organization with contractors, utility companies and the public.
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Trusted by 200+ cities and counties around the world

With over 20,000 operational users and millions of public consumers, Causeway underpins traffic operations and communications for forward-thinking organizations, like Hillsborough County, Umatilla County and almost every highway authority in the UK.

What makes Causeway different?

A proven platform that unlocks value for teams and the public

  • Streamlined permitting workflows

    Our platform transforms permit management into a seamless, map-based experience, streamlining the way you plan and manage disruption on your road network.

  • Data integrity that enables safer journeys

    Create, maintain and communicate high quality geospatial data for work zones, lane closures and MOT plans directly to Google Maps, Waze, TomTom and Apple Maps.

  • Enhanced collaboration at every step

    The Causeway platform is built for collaboration, enabling your teams to better coordinate not only internally, but across jurisdictions with other agencies and departments.


Permitting Management

Intuitive permitting workflows that save time

With Plan Share, ditch the spreadsheets and PDFs for a collaborative, map-based experience, that streamlines the way you plan and manage disruption on your road network. Improve transparency, efficiency, and safety across all teams trusted with managing your right of way.

Right of Way Management

Unify work zone and road event operations

Transform how your teams plan, coordinate and communicate interventions to your right of way.

From work zones and utility works to major sporting events, the Causeway platform ensures your teams, contractors and supply chain can coordinate through a single, shared solution.

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