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Communicating road closures in Cambridge with the tap of a button


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Streamlining road closure communication with Live Link

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) has been utilizing Causeway since 2011 to efficiently plan and coordinate projects throughout the county. In recent years, Cambridgeshire has embraced different modules, such as Live Link – our robust real-time closure communications application.

Live Link has allowed CCC to communicate road and lane closures, whether planned or in emergencies, directly from the roadside through the user-friendly mobile app. These closures are then automatically sent to all popular GPS apps such as Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, Apple Maps, and Here Technologies.

Furthermore, the Causeway platform syndicates all closures to Variable Message Signs on the roadside, distributes notifications through email alerts to key stakeholders, and even updates the public via Cambridgeshire’s social media channels. This comprehensive approach ensures that the traveling public is consistently informed about road and lane closures, whether they are behind the wheel or planning their journeys in advance.

“Live Link helps us get real-time information to people as quickly as possible. It’s the quickest way to alleviate traffic and prevent any traffic buildup in urban areas.”

– Richard Burnett, Road Events and IHMC Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council


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Improving communication and increasing safety

By using Live Link, CCC has greatly enhanced the accuracy and effectiveness of its communication with drivers, unlocking numerous benefits:

  • Minimizing and mitigating congestion. Live Link enables CCC to communicate road closures in real-time, allowing drivers to divert sooner and avoid congested areas more effectively.
  • Improving driver and roadside worker safety. Live Link ensures that road closures are clearly communicated through major GPS apps, enhancing safety for both drivers on the go and roadside workers.
  • Maximizing public awareness. Through multiple communication channels, including GPS apps, email alerts, and social media, CCC is keeping residents and commuters well-informed of road and lane closures.

A vision for the future

Having had huge success with Live Link as a local government, CCC has an ambitious vision for the future. They intend to expand the use of Live Link to utility companies operating in the area.

Roadside utility workers will be empowered to send real-time updates from the mobile app on their smartphones directly to the GPS apps used by the traveling public. This integration will allow faster communication of closures for emergency roadworks, offering improved visibility for both the public and Cambridgeshire’s IHMC staff.

The ultimate goal is to enhance overall communication of closures in Cambridgeshire, decrease traffic congestion, guarantee safer trips for drivers, and minimize instances of roadside abuse directed towards on-site workers.

By embracing digital solutions such as Live Link, CCC is establishing a new standard for efficient and effective road closure communication, benefiting both the local community and those working on the roadside.

Explore how Live Link can enhance communication, improve safety and minimize congestion for your agency. Get in touch.