Content Management

Easily share comprehensive work zone information with every stakeholder

Content Management enables road agencies, public works teams and regional organizations to enrich the information they share about road events and work zones – broadcasting positive, clear and comprehensive information about every traffic disruption.

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Why use Content Management?

Enhance your reputation and promote smarter journeys

Keep stakeholders informed

Automatically populate MOT plans with jargon-free, accurate information that better informs stakeholders, your supply chain and the general public.

Reduce inbound public queries

Provide clear, timely information about works, keeping the public informed, reducing enquiries & improving query resolution times.

Level-up traveler information services

Increase customer satisfaction scores, improve relationships with stakeholders and build your reputation with the public.

Key features

Fully Configurable

Customize how the public receives information

  • Upgrade the information provided about work zones and events on your network with options to add descriptive text, videos and web links for the public via an embeddable map.
  • Automatically translate work zone jargon into simple, positive language so the public and road users better understand what’s happening on the network and why.

Insights & Analysis

Better understand how works impact the public

  • With Content Management, easily implement feedback and sentiment analysis tools on all works through the embeddable map.
  • Discover which works are causing the most disruption to road users and formulate response strategies.
  • Enable the public to directly respond to your teams about individual works.

Customer Satisfaction

Invest in a first-class experience for travelers

  • The Causeway public-facing website handles over 27 million self-service enquiries about work zones every year.
  • With Content Management, forward-thinking road agencies and regional organizations can transform out-dated and siloed solutions to provide the public and road users a modern map-based experience they surpasses expectations.

More features


Download statistics and key metrics

Communications teams can understand reach and impact through analysing visitor stats relating to works information.

Email Alerts

Keep the public and stakeholders up to speed

Users accessing information via an embedded map with Content Management can create email alerts for individual works.

News Alerts

Update embedded maps with live incidents

Respond to incidents or highly disruptive works by keeping the public updated via a news alert ticker tape on your embedded map.

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