Seamless regional work zone coordination and public engagement

The Causeway platform enables organizations to effectively collaborate across jurisdictions and drive improvements in road safety, operational efficiency and traveler communications.
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Trusted by 200+ road agencies and regional authorities around the world

With over 20,000 operational users and millions of public consumers, Causeway underpins traffic operations and communications for forward-thinking organizations, like NCTCOG, Transport for London and almost every highway authority in the UK.

What makes Causeway different?

A connected platform built for collaboration

  • Enhanced collaboration at every step

    The Causeway platform enables teams to better coordinate internally and across jurisdictions with other agencies and departments, thanks to a shared operational interface of road network interventions.

  • Data integrity that enables safer journeys

    Create, maintain and communicate high quality geospatial data for work zones, lane closures and MOT plans directly to Google Maps, Waze, TomTom and Apple Maps via dedicated integrations.

  • Connected work zone management

    Holistic end-to-end digital work zone solutions that unify the planning and communication of work zones, connecting directly with leading navigation providers.


Regional Coordination

Enable agencies to deliver better regional outcomes

With a single shared platform that unifies the planning, coordination and communication of work zones, events and all associated maintenance of traffic plans, agencies can support regional objectives like congestion reduction and road safety,

Traveler Communications

Seamless public engagement built-in

The Causeway platform ensures all changes and interventions on your road network are automatically communicated in real-time, via public maps, WZDx feeds and direct integrations with leading navigation providers like Google Maps, Waze, TomTom and Apple Maps.

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