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About us

We’re committed to helping road agencies prioritize safer roads and smarter journeys

Our driving purpose is to make our roads better for everyone. We connect road operators, contractors, utility companies, traffic management specialists and the public, to improve safety, keep traffic moving and improve journeys.
  • Making work zones safer

    A staggering 800 lives are lost each year across the US in work zone incidents, and 45,000 are injured. The situation is getting worse each year. There is rising pressure to address this terrible and unacceptable level of injuries and fatalities.

  • Deploying intuitive and connected solutions

    Road agencies must work to build a safer, more seamlessly enabled future for the country’s roads. This involves harnessing digital solutions to improve connectivity between infrastructure, work zones, vehicles and drivers.

  • Empowering change at scale

    We know from our experience the benefits that can be unlocked when cities, counties and regional agencies/organizations collaborate via a shared work zone management solution.

Road agencies optimizing their networks
Operational users driving change every month
Utilities & contractors transforming operations
Self-serve queries from the public each year
Work zone data feeds ingested & standardized
Traffic interventions published each year
Miles of road managed by our customers
Vehicle miles influenced each year

Our US team

Barry Matlack

VP North America

Ben Waychoff

Customer Success Manager

Jason Key

Western Region Director

Ken Selvig

Eastern Region Director

Kieran Holloway

US Marketing Manager

Mandy Wiggins

Customer Success Manager