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Reducing customer queries by 40% & streamlining coordination for Croydon

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About Croydon Council

At 87 square kilometers, Croydon is one of the top five largest boroughs in London and has 777 kilometers of public highways.

This means that Croydon Council is accountable for overseeing a significant number of road projects, collaborating with utilities and neighboring road agencies to minimize disruptions for its 385,000+ residents.

The Challenge

For Croydon, planning and managing road work was a manual and laborious process requiring spreadsheets, email calendars, and a physical map. Coordinating work zones and identifying potential clashes was complex, inefficient, and at risk of error.

With reduced capacity and the road network now at its busiest ever, Croydon decided to adopt Causeway to digitize and streamline their work zone coordination and communication.

The Solution

Utilizing Causeway has completely changed Croydon Council’s planning process. What was once a time-consuming task for Croydon’s small team of six is now a simple, quick, and easy one.

With the ability to easily identify and coordinate work zone permits on a single digital interface, Croydon can now plan and plot all their roadworks on the Causeway map using the Traffic Management module. This has helped avoid potential clashes between projects, unlocked significant time savings and reduced the number of jobs that need to be replanned.

After going through a team downsizing, Causeway has become absolutely crucial. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the road network as required. It has significantly simplified our procedures, allowing us to plan and coordinate our roadworks much more efficiently. And there’s still a lot more potential for us to tap into. We aim for Causeway to set the standard for traffic management in Croydon.

– Hilary Dickson, Traffic Manager, Croydon Council

Publishing all roadwork information through Causeway has also enabled Croydon’s Council members to enhance communication for its residents. Previously, the public would submit inquiries via email, but now many are utilizing the Causeway map for self-service. Following the implementation of this system, the council has noted a 40% reduction in public email inquiries and phone calls specifically from Coulsdon and Purley residents, leading to significant time savings for the staff.

The capability to access historical roadwork information has also proven valuable for Croydon, enabling them to respond to the queries they receive accurately and efficiently.

Additional time savings have been attained through a custom embed of the Causeway map on Croydon’s website. The Network Management Officers and Communications teams no longer need monthly, back-and-forth communication to update a list of roadworks on the website. The map automatically updates with real-time information of all road activity and is freely accessible to the public.

With all of this in place, Croydon Council has even experienced efficiency improvements when working with utilities and neighboring road agencies.

For instance, Scott Wallace, Senior Network Management Officer at Croydon, has been collaborating with Surrey County Council to schedule cross-boundary detours on Causeway, whereas previously this would have necessitated a series of emails, phone calls, and meetings.

Having a clear, easily accessible view of all their work zones live on Causeway has not only enabled improved collaboration, but it has also minimized the number of permits submitted by utilities and other road agencies that conflict with existing work, creating a smoother and more seamless experience for everyone involved.

Key Outcomes

  • Minimized re-planning for roadworks, saving significant time and enabling increased availability of staff.
  • 40% reduction in public inquiries as a result of improved self-serving experience.
  • Simplified internal and cross-jurisdictional work zone planning and coordination with utilities and other road agencies.

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