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3 November 2023

Recapping ITS California 2023: Navigating the Road to Safer Work Zones with

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The ITS California Annual Meeting never disappoints, and this year was no exception. The event brimmed with insight, provoking discussions, and a collective push towards a safer and more efficient transportation future. As we reflect on the salient issues addressed, one key takeaway stands out: the desperate need for connected work zones. is uniquely poised to provide the solution.

Key Issues Raised at ITS California:

Data Trustworthiness: Shailen Bhatt, the Head of FHWA, emphasized, “Don’t believe the quality of your data – Test it.” This raises an essential point about ensuring the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of your traffic and work zone data. This is a serious consideration as agencies try to integrate with the likes of Apple and Google. If road event data is not carefully managed, ensuring it is current with accurate geometries, navigation providers will not use it. It’s as simple as that.

Speedy Implementation Over Perfection: Ted Bailey from WSDOT shared a compelling perspective, stating, “Why pilot in one spot, to notify one work zone, when we can implement a state-wide solution in less than a week and save lives.” His message was clear: The quest for perfection shouldn’t hinder swift actions that can save lives.

Work Zone Safety: With a shocking 43k road-related deaths a year and increasing pedestrian deaths in work zones, David Lucas of Maricopa County encapsulated the need for urgent action, “We have the tools and the tech, but we need the impetus to deploy these solutions.” is here to help:

Reliable, Real-Time Data: understands the vital need for accurate data. With’s Live Link, your organization can improve the visibility of changing work zone conditions by flagging when workers are present and setting temporary speed limits associated with the lane closure.

Rapid Deployment: As emphasized by Ted Bailey, swift action is critical.’s solutions are not just about quick deployment but also scalability. When nearly 118 people lose their lives on roadways in the United States per day, time matters more than ever. can quickly implement solutions at any level from county municipalities to state-wide deployments like with the Florida Department of Transportation.

Integrated Work Zone Safety: The platform presents a single, intuitive interface designed to drive efficiencies across departments. Input, aggregate and visualize all road incidents, work zones and events within one operational view, and publish to publicly available web maps and navigation providers via WZDx compliant APIs.

ITS California underscored a critical message: our roads need urgent action, not just intention. Quality data for the likes of Apple and Google? Essential. But as Ted Bailey reminded us, speed in action can save lives. With 43k annual road deaths, the stakes are sky-high. isn’t just offering solutions; they’re revolutionizing the game – quickly, smartly, and safely. The future? It’s clear. We need more than tools; we need transformative change. With leading the way, let’s drive into a safer tomorrow.