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14 December 2023

Revolutionizing Road Safety in Arizona: A Data-Driven Approach

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In the heart of Arizona, particularly in Maricopa County, the grim rise in crash fatalities, from 606 to 621 between 2021 and 2022, starkly highlights an urgent need for a revamped approach to road safety. With the county shouldering a staggering cost of $12.2 billion due to road crashes, traditional methods must catch up despite their best intentions.

The Current Landscape:

Arizona’s current strategy, heavily reliant on mass media campaigns with an expenditure of $1.5 million, aims to alter driver behavior through emotional and informational messaging. However, as crash statistics grimly climb, it’s evident that a fresh, more impactful approach is necessary. A new survey that shows 97% of highway workers think work zones are more dangerous than last year.

The Data Dilemma:

Many Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies believe they provide real-time work zone updates to navigation providers. The truth, however, is less optimistic. While data is published to Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) feeds, the quality often fails to meet the stringent requirements of commercial navigation providers. Without a close-knit relationship with navigation providers to help ensure the data is up to their evolving standard, the result is a communication gap – critical updates not reaching drivers. The data often lacks sufficient GIS geometry, is tethered to outdated plans, and doesn’t reflect live, on-field changes.

The Solution:

Enter, already empowering Florida’s DOT with a successful lane closure system. We propose a similar transformative approach for Arizona, focusing on real-time, accurate, and comprehensive data communication.

GIS Geometry – The Crux of Accurate Data:

The key lies in the shift from single-point to multi-point GIS geometry. That reflects the details of planned work data and can show live data to drivers through navigation providers within minutes. This shift ensures that data is accurate and rich in detail, enabling navigation apps to guide drivers more effectively and safely around work zones.

Benefits of

  • Comprehensive Safety and Communication: At, we are revolutionizing road safety by enabling digital communication for all stakeholders, including internal teams, emergency services, drivers, utilities, contractors, and more. The platform can significantly reduce accident risks by sharing detailed work zone locations and crew presence with drivers through navigation providers. This is achieved by directing drivers to alternate routes or by enhancing on-road safety measures such as alerting drivers to temporary speed limits and worker presence. Live Link plays a crucial role here, ensuring all communicated data is current and accurate, which is pivotal in dynamic work zone environments for timely and reliable information flow. This comprehensive approach to safety and communication not only boosts safety for road workers and drivers but also ensures seamless information sharing across varied stakeholders.
  • Strategic Traffic Management and Influence: The approach to Real-time data, comprehensive communication, and strategic traffic management pave the way for safer, more efficient roadways.  is a game-changer, fostering efficient interagency cooperation and shared operational views across teams. This shared perspective allows for managing detours across jurisdictions effectively, detecting and mitigating conflicts, and facilitating seamless collaboration. These capabilities are vital in areas with multiple ongoing projects, as they ensure streamlined traffic management and reduce operational complexities. By digitizing work zone plans and permits, offers a fully auditable workflow process, integrating situational awareness and automating document management. This strategic approach not only simplifies the planning process but also enhances coordination, making it a pivotal tool for modern traffic management.
  • Reliable Data Integration and Partnerships: A strength of is in our robust relationships with navigation providers, which is integral for ensuring data integrity and reliability for safe and efficient road management. These trusted partnerships allow for seamless integration of diverse data sources, rendering the information accessible and actionable for various stakeholders. In addition to harmonizing data from multiple platforms, our platform also enables analysis of historical traffic trends, real-time traffic monitoring at work zones, management of congestion around work zones, and leveraging insights to optimize planning. This comprehensive approach ensures that all parties in traffic management and road safety work with the most current and accurate information, thereby enhancing overall road operation efficiency and providing a holistic solution for traffic and work zone management challenges.

Impact on Arizona:

By adopting’s solution, Arizona can expect a decline in work zone incidents, a more informed driving public, and a significant step towards Vision Zero. The approach focuses on enhanced safety and paves the way for more efficient use of state funds, redirecting resources from costly media campaigns to impactful, data-driven safety measures.
It’s time for Arizona, a state known for its innovation, to lead the way in road safety. With one. network’s proven solutions, we can turn the tide on road safety, transforming Maricopa County into an efficient, data-driven traffic management model.

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